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I decided to create and devote valuable time to this website for two main reasons…

… A first reason…

I’d start by saying i did it for myself! I remember as if it was yesterday when, about 17 years ago, a routine cardiology check, the doctor reported my ECG track with the words “suspected Brugada syndrome”! I had never heard the term “Brugada” before then… When I asked for explanations I was liquidated with a dry and precise sentence: “It is a syndrome that can make you die at any moment… Especially in sleep! ” You can imagine how from that moment and for a long time I spent my nights!!! If only I had, at that time, the possibility of having a “correct” and exhaustive information, if only I had the opportunity to have more understanding, perhaps I would have avoided unnecessary and harmful anxieties and depressions! But we see the positive side, because surely thanks to my defensive instincts and a bit also thanks to my “professional deformation”, which leads me to have an approach (perhaps too) analytical and pragmatic with respect to events, together with the “extreme Curiosity “That characterizes me, I wanted to” see clear “and in the years I gave myself to” a mad and Desperate study “(to give emphasis to the concept and without any pretense of looking for a comparison with “Giacomo Leopardi”!).

Driven by the conviction that from every experience, especially the negative and traumatic, you can bring out something good, I think now is the time to make available to all those who for one reason or another, have come into contact With this problem, my little baggage of experience, awareness and knowledge. 

I will try as far as I can to give an information on the topic as simple, detailed and clear, through an interpretation of the scientific literature available today, in such a way as to make accessible to all also topics that, for Technicalities, are now understandable and reserved exclusively to “insiders”!

… A second reason…

I had the honour of being accepted as a member of a Facebook Group  Dedicated to Brugada syndrome. Thanks to this group, I had the opportunity to get in touch with many people who, in various ways, are involved with this pathology.

It is incredible to perceive the degree of affinity that is immediately created towards these people, there are emotions and moods that only those who have found themselves to face certain issues can truly understand! I immediately felt part of a “big family”, and I immediately considered each member of the group as a member of my family, to be of help and support as much as possible.

It is equally incredible (and puzzling) to see how large the gap exists between academia, scientific literature, guidelines and everyday reality, the world of patients made up of doubts, fears, uncertainties and medical centers with Diagnostic and treatment “dissimity” in clinical practice. Belonging to this group has allowed me to have a vision of Brugada syndrome from the point of view of patients and this has contributed greatly to my understanding of the problem!

To them is dedicated this Blog, to this great family, to all those who have found themselves catapulted at any moment in this unknown world and for this disturbing, for those who begin to move in this world, with their fears, worries, with Their strength in trying to make the right decisions for themselves and their children, for those who have decided to follow confidently and rely on their doctors, for those who have decided with courage to make choices, even unconventional, with the conviction that every choice is the CH To the right for itself! For those who, after a difficult journey, managed to find the right awareness and the consequent serenity and for those who are still facing this path. I can not fail to include in this large family the doctors who actively participate in the group and who make available to everyone and with great humility their knowledge, their advice and their support!

I hope you and I hope that the articles on this site can be of help to everyone to achieve greater awareness. In the end, I would like to remind everyone that the information provided on the website is of a general nature and for a purely informative purpose, therefore they cannot substitute in any way the advice nor the doctor’s visit! For details I invite you to refer to the Disclaimer.