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This is a thematic site on the “Brugada Syndrome”.

The author of the Website IS NOT A PHYSICIAN, but a “layperson” who aims to help “laypersons” to have a greater understanding and knowledge about “Brugada Syndrome”, through the dissemination of information, based on current scientific knowledge, expressed in a simple and accessible language.

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Moreover, even if information were correct in more general terms, may be completely unrelated to the problems manifested by the reader. For this reason, the author of the Site, does not assume responsibility for any damage attributable to the presence of errors or erroneous or outdated information contained in the site itself.

But although even if information were correct in more general terms, it may not relate to the symptoms manifested by the reader. Again, different people presenting the same symptoms often require different treatments, due to the complexity of some clinical cases.

Any information regarding therapeutic procedures are only illustrative. In no case the “” website, the authors of the articles and / or contents and / or comments, or other subjects connected to the Site, will be responsible for any damage even hypothetically connected to the use of the contents and / or information on the Site.

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Moreover, even if information were correct in more general terms, it could not refer to the problems manifested by reader.

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