Brugada, or not Brugada, that is the question

Month: February 2021

Brugada syndrome: the scientific uncertainties, the certainties, and the repeated exultation of the web.

“Every discovery is made more than once and never all at once…. “(S. Freud)

In the last few days, the web has been abuzz again, fuelling the expectations of patients (or presumed patients) and their families, ‘webnauts’ with many doubts and in search of hopeful ‘certainties’ about causes, cures and therapies.

Awareness of the Brugada

This article is especially addressed to members of the Facebook group “BrugadaSyndrome“.


… a term worthy of some explanation.

Brugada Phobia at the Sudden Cardiac Death conference

Yesterday 04/03/2020, an important conference on “Sudden Cardiac Death” was held at the “Sapienza” University of Rome, Italy:

At the conference, I spoke about Brugada Syndrome, and in particular BrugadaPhobia:

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